My dogs

My Dogs

Figge, Jackson, Mathilde, Mimmi, Mini, Molly, Moltas, Nea, Paddy & Signe


Cannon Bear's Father Figure "Figge"

Born: 08.05.2009

"Figge" 7 months old:

Figge in snow - December 2009:

                        Figge 11 months old:                                                  Figge 21 months old:

Figge August 2012 - Finjasjön, Hässleholm:

"Figge" summer 2013:

"Figge" 4 1/2 years old - with "Mulle":

Pedigree "Figge":

King of Helluland Applause "Jackson"

Born: 24.11.2013

Jackson 4 months old

Out of CH King of Helluland Over The Top "Brandy" and CH Cannon Bear's Count To Ten "Lolla":

Jackson 9,5 weeks old:

Pedigree "Jackson":

Cannon Bear's Hold Me "Mimmi"

Born: 28.04.2013

"Mimmi" 4 months old:

Pedigree "Mimmi":

King of Helluland Evening Star "Mini"

Born: 05.04.2015

"Mini" 10 months old - Photos: ©Shahkaela Ward

"Mini" September 2017


Father: CH King of Helluland Imagination - Mother: CH King of Helluland Outstanding

Top Bear's Prinsesse Molly af Sifi "Molly"

Born: 04.05.2016

Photo: Shahkaela Ward

Pedigree "Molly":

Top Bear's Prince Moltas af Sifi "Moltas"

Born: 04.05.2016

Photo: Shahkaela Ward

Photo: Pia Jørgensen

Pedigree "Moltas":

Never Give Up De L'Iliade et L'Odyssée "Nea"

Born: 03.08.2017

"Nea" is out of:

Rose Wanted I Was Born On A Friday 13 "Jason"


 J'attend l'amour "Pilla" De L'Iliade et L'Odyssée

Wave Seeker's Paddy Wagon "Paddy"

Born: 02.01.2011

"Paddy" 2 years old:

"Paddy" 14 months old:

"Paddy" 2 years old - with Linda:

Pedigree "Paddy":


Cannon Bear's Sing Hello "Signe"

Born: 22.09.2011

"Signe" almost 6 months old

"Signe" 4 1/2 months old - with Shahkaela Ward

"Signe" June 2013

"Signe" 11 weeks old

"Signe" 8 weeks old

"Doris" & "Signe"

Pedigree "Signe":