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As early as a 10yr old, after seeing a picture of a large black Newfoundland, I knew that this was "my dog".


1975 came the first Newfoundland into my life, a dog called Hollyman - he had English bloodlines. and in 1978 I bought my first bitch; the legendry Canjz Major Skipper was her grandfather.

1982 I imported a bitch called Woodoales Lizette from Denmark. I had seen Woodoales Ea at a dog show in Denmark and decided to invest in that female line in the future, which I have not regretted.


At that time there was 4 months quarantine even from Denmark, a long wait. I visited Lizette often in quarantine in Gothenburg; it was a wonderful feeling, when she finally became mine for real.


Lizette had two litters of puppies, from which we got Abby-Amorina, Arramac, Alexander-Mac and Alexandra-Ami. Large magnificent Newfoundland's whose sire was Ursulas Mac Mortensen. This was "Maccis" last litter; he was 10yrs old when the pups were born.

In combination with this litter we took the kennel name Top Bear's.  Abby was one of the best prize winning Newfoundland's in Sweden throughout time. She took up a very large place in my heart; she was a wonderful loyal mend and family member. Lizette's bloodline is behind most of the dogs at Top Bear's today. She was with me until she was 11yrs old. Alexandra-Ami (Ronja) lived out her last years at Kennel Lufsenburg.


Naturally there are many magnificent memories from these 27 years with Newfoundland's

• Top Bear's Ego Elegant was BIS (best in show) Boras 1993 at a SKK dog show.

• Arramac BIS Sofiero.

• Milton BIS Malmo International 2001 of 3500

• All had Woodoales Lizette's bloodlines in their pedigree.


Positive and pleasant which feels like an honor it has been to share all this with other large Newfoundland's breeders. Karilands Kennel, Qliz, Gass-cohns and Zambassadourgarden have all bought pups from Top Bear's kennel, which have shown to be important breeding lines for them all. Today 2004 Top bear's name is on most of the Newfoundland's pedigrees.


It is with mixed feelings I look back in time, all the sleepless nights beside the whelping box, will man of cause tries to forget, but even though you think you have forgotten how laborious it can be, all of a sudden you are back there again sitting beside the whelping bitch, fascinated by the small puppies lying there.


And when you have to say farewell to an old friend that has been by you side for maybe 10-12 yrs it feels sad indeed.

A dog's life is far to short.


I have over the years bought in new bloodlines, among which Qashinas Hurricane (Smokie) from Kerstin Einarsson 1995 was one.  Smokie is a sound and cuddly teddy bear. He has sired quiet a few litters and has forwarded over to them the same wonderful temperament.

I have also had the privilege of borrowing Zambassadourgårdens Kenda Boyard for a period of time, Kenda was the best winning bitch in Sweden in 1998. I got Olivina, who I am very proud of, from the combination with Kenda and Harrysson.


21 litters have been born at Top Bear’s. We have had enormous success with just a few Newfoundland’s and have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know capable and clever people from all over the world and we have received inspiration from them.


A good part of our dog breeding has been our travels to USA. There we have been able to meet most of the dogs that are used frequently in  Europe today, even the litters of the coming future will have a good part of American bloodlines in their pedigrees.

With new bloodlines there is always a risk of problems turning up, but honesty and frankness are very important to me.  As a dog breeder and exhibitor of dogs I believe you must look at both the pluses and the minuses of your own dogs. I believe this to be a necessity if you wish to succeed with your dog breeding.


Top Bear’s have had for a few years Swedish Newfoundland Kennel Clubs trust and prestige of being a referral agent for puppies, which is to say, that we were one of the “outward faces” for the club. All this dog interest is not just about breeding and showing dogs, it is a way of life. Demanding discipline and respect for other breeders, exhibitors and judges alike. It takes more than luck to succeed; it takes hard work and ambition. 


Personally I feel it is an honor to have owned and looked after these wonderful Newfoundland’s all these years. All the meetings with new people from all over the world, and the fantastic successes against hard competition from all over Europe is more than I ever dreamed of.


Many of my "old" dogs, who have ment very much to me, are pictured in "In Memory" and some of them also in "Gallery".


Thank you for reading our webpage and please feel free to drop us a line.



Bye for now



Best Breeder Group Gold Cup Denmark 2001:

Malou, Olivina,  Major Maxman & Milton

"More Happy Days" Gallery:

Top Bear's Una Ugeliza "Una" - B.I.S. 3 Puppy among 50 puppies Sofiero 2003:



USCH Pouch Cove's Good Fellow "Andrew" 


Proud father to Milton, Malou & Maxman

Owner: Ken & Diane Price 




Top Bear's Major Maxman


No. 4 Best Male Gold Cup Denmark 2001

The most winning Male in Sweden 2002

Owner: Sten-Åke Wetterlöv, Hässleholm



Top Bear's Saffa Sabrina


Certificat Winner & Best Bitch Sofiero 2003

Owner: Fredrik & Viola, Lilla Harrie



SECH NOCH Top Bear's Prizona Petri "Laika"

Owner: Thina Andersson, Tyringe

SECH Top Bear's Super Deluxe "Lux"

Best Of Breed Vesterås Specialen 2004

Eva & "Lux", Hässleholms Specialen 2003:

Owner: Eva Brundell, Sjöbo



Squamish Obelix

Owner: Simon Cheung, England

In Memory



Cannon Bear's Father Figure "Figge"

08.05.2009 - 18.11.2019

Figge og Mulle

UWW09 SECH  DKCH NOCH NORDCH Norwegian Winner 09 WW-10 

Cannon Bear's Come Undone

19.05.2007 - 25.09.2018

Mathilde, we are so very greatful, that we had 11 fantastic years together.

Lots of love, fun and wonderful experiences;

as being awarded World Winner in 2010 and winning B.O.B at Gold Cup


 Miss you so much - always in our hearts...


Thanks to Einar Paulsen for the best friend ever...

In 2013 we have lost our very dear boys Do-Di and Sune

Loved and missed...

Maria & Ingmar - Viola & Ingvar



Top Bear's Yankee Doodle" Do-Di"

  Born 16.02.2004

Father: CH Spring Creek's Duncan - Mother: Top Bear's Ranastasia Rest Of Ea



Top Bear's X-mas Surprice "Sune"

Father: CH Spring Creek's Duncan - Mother: Top Bear's Quantilla


Summer 2011 - Maria with Sune & Do-Di:


Top Bear's My Milton

Newfoundland Dogs Day in Mullsjö 2001:

 Second Best Male Gold Cup, Denmark - 2003:


Best Bitch Gold Cup Denmark 2003

Top Bear's Miranda Malou


Top Bear's Olivina Olympia "Olivina"


 Top Bear's Qashivas Hurricane "Smokie"


Photo: Søren Wesseltoft




Top Bear's Quantilla


Photo: Outi Lius


Pictures taken by Per Undén, Søren Wesseltoft, Outi Lius, Lillemor Böös etc.